Before you Exert yourself...

Here is an excellent product, a must have before heading out on a excursion. Many people tend to forget all about it, or don't even think there’s a need for it  

What are you talking about???

What is this thing... 

Before your eye is a solar* pass through generator. 

  1. 8000mAh
  2. Rechargeable
  3. 12V/ 10 A
  4. Input type AC 110-220V Output DC 12V
  5. Power Adaptor included. 
  6. 15hr charge time
  7. Est. 3-6 hours of using**
  8. 5 ways of out put. 

And so much more to list... 

*This generator can use a solar panel to charge itself. (Soloar panel not included)

** 3-6 hours of using if your using your laptop or phone.

For more details visit our website.  


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